Are Bees Important?

Are Bees Important?

Before I started studying Apiculture (beekeeping) I really had no idea how important bees are, how much bees do for us humans & how little we do for them in return.

Bees are unbelievably important, we rely on them to pollinate our crops - fruits, vegetables & flowers. eg. Kiwi fruit, avocados, almonds, citrus, apples, melons, sunflowers.

We eat the honey they produce - this has a huge range of health benefits for us humans. We use the beeswax, propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly in many things eg. cosmetics, candles, foods, vitamin & mineral supplements. Apitoxin (honey bee venom) is used for a wide range of medical purposes.

But what if there were NO more bees.. How would that effect us humans? Life would be very different to what we know.

What can we as humans do to help the bees?